Bronzing Powder: how to apply correctly

Summer is just around the corner and we always like to wear a golden brown in skin tone to give us good looks. As you all know, excess sun without protection is not beneficial, and it is better to opt for alternatives that currently gives the cosmetics as, for example, the bronzing powder. I will usually use to give a touch of color and tan on my face moisturizer, bb cream o foundation very light.

For a natural result without appearing “naranjito” is important to know what kind of bronzer you can go right to our face, selecting the right shade and apply it correctly. Let's talk about these three points:

1. Types bronzing powder

Bronzing Powder Compact (mates the iridescent): are similar in texture to mattifying powders we normally use, but are darker tones. The mates are suitable for fair skin, tights, mixed dark / fat; the dry skin that you have, you can use a good moisturizer underneath, but I advise other textures tanning cream or bar. On the other hand, those iridescent shades are not very desirable for skins that are clear and very fat because the effect is not very natural.

Loose Bronzing Powder: in properties are the same as compact but cover more and better brightness matifican. They can be used on all skin types, and especially in the mixed / fats; yes, we must take care when applying them to our skin not be recharged.

Pearls tanning: provide a little shine to face with a very gentle touch of tan that gives an effect “good face”. The beads do not cover as much as tanning powders, so that they have practically the same function as a rouge, and are suitable for all skin types.

2. Choosing the right shade

The basic rule is to choose only one shade that your skin and always try it on your face if you go without makeup, or neck (no hands or wrists). In the case of fair skin, is preferable to use powders matt (compact or loose) without iridescent effect and choose the range of tones Clarita, avoiding land or tile colors. The darker skins can choose brown or golden tones, provided they comply with tan skin.

3. Technique 3

The bronzing powder should not be applied all over your face as we do with mattifying powders we use in winter, since the result would be very artificial and the dreaded provocaríamos color difference between face and neck.

The key is to color by areas where the sun shines naturally in our face: his, nose, and cheekbones. The professional makeup artists are the famous technique 3, that is to draw a three with the brush on each side of the face, and finish outlining the jaw.

The ideal is to use a wide brush with soft hair and loose, remove excess dust shaking and do it slowly; to leave no color difference between the face and neck, applied very subtly a little product by the neck with a brush largest.

To finish, can put some bronzing powder in the nose, a pinpoint on the chin… And ready!

I hope you have enjoyed the advice; I already speak later of my favorite sun powder.

Kisses interesting.


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    • The truth is that I also did not know before, and taught me several makeup artists and I liked the result. Thanks for your comment! 😉


  1. Hi Beatriz. I love bronzer, yes, sparingly, I see each with a color super-exaggerated and neck as white lead, can not stand it lol.
    Si I may, you passen dar a truquito. When sconces, rather than being applied to and fro, tries to apply them in circles, dust thus be polished and appearance remains is velvety skin.
    Thank you very much for showing your pretty little things. Some Kisses.


    • Jorge!! I love tus tricks belleza!! I apply it in circles I did with the normal pressed powder is great, so I write it down to make it with bronzers. lol, about orange face and white neck is horrible! lol. Kisses!


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